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India is the largest milk producer in the world with a production of 134 MMT in 2013-14.

Based on the planning Commision’s estimates and subsequent corrections on account of consistently higher growth in GDP, it is expected that demand for milk is likely to be about 190 MMT  by 2019-2020 (end year of 13th five year plan) and around 205 MMT by 2021-22. To meet the growing demand it is necessary to maintain the annual growth of over 4 per cent in the next 15 years. It is therefore, imperative that a scientifically planned multi-state initiative is launched to increase productivity in existing herds through a focused programme for breeding and feeding. The national Dairy Plan (NDP) has been envisaged with a fifteen years are required to produce a more productive animal and the time required to develop and expand systems to increase milk production.

The first phase of the National Dairy Plan to be financed largely by the World Bank  will be implemented over a period of six years with the following objectives:

  1. To help increase the productivity of milch animals and thereby increase milk production to meet the rapidly growing demand for milk;
  2. To help provide rural milk producers with greater access to the organised milk-processing sector.

Project Outlay-Phase1



Outlay (Rs. In Crore)

Component A

Breed Improvement



Animal Nutrition


Component B

Village Based Milk
Procurement Syetms


Component C

Project Management and Learning






EIA Constribution



NDDB’s Contribution



Grand Total


*Source of funds
World Bank-IDA Rs. 1584 Crore
GOI: Rs. 176 Crore


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