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Berga Fat & Calcium Soap Comparison

Comparison between Physically Fractionated Rumen Bypass Fat (Bergafat) and Ca Saponified Bypass Fat

Criteria Physically Fractionated Fat (Bergafat) Ca Soap Fat
Starting Material
Pure Palm Oil Fatty Acid
Industrial fatty acids of various origin
Slight or Neutral Smell
Pungent Soap Smell
Acceptance of Feed
Animals like it
Adaptation Necessary
Top Dressing
Highly Suitable
Not Suitable because of smell and taste
Rumen pH
Stable at various pH values
Split up into Ca and fatty acids as pH falls, with a negative effect of the free fatty acids on rumen bacteria. Free fatty acids lower the pH and cause an undesirable shift in the micro- organisms of the rumen. Excessive acidity in the rumen reduces feed intake and the milk yield
Critical veterinary considerations
None known
May lead to oedema of the udder
Safety aspect
No risks
Exothermal reactions may result in spontaneous ignition during storage
Fat Content
Min 99%
Max 84%
Rumen Stability
Net Availability