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Berga Fat Literature


Bergafat is a concentrated form of totally digestible rumen undegradable energy, which does not interfere with the normal rumen activity. There are selected fractions of Palm oil [ Vegetable Fat ] useful to ruminants. It is a free flowing flakes / powder of highest quality vegetable fat with melting point of 560 c.
As Bergafat is protected from the rumen degradation, it by passes the rumen and gets totally digested in lower gut. The energy is used with maximum efficiency with out any wastage.
BergaFat is an economical high energy source for the ruminants with following benefits.


1] Bypass Bergafat is totally digestible and provides 9.8 MCal / Kg energy in the diet.

2] It has been observed that the milk yield increases by about 15 to 20 %

3] Fat percentage also increases by about 0.3 to 0.4 per cent. [Fat structure of milk & Bergafat is very similar]

4] The lactation curve will be more smooth and desirable, the higher level of milk production will be for a longer duration and the decrease in the milk production will be very gradual.

5] Animals will come in to heat earlier than the normal due to Positive Energy balance being achieved early.

6] Positive Energy balance increases conception rate.

7] No risk of KETOSIS especially sub clinical ketosis, as Bergafat is a high voltage energy source.

8] Animal combat heat stress in much better way avoiding drop in production & feed intake.


There is a general tendency to loose body condition [body weight] immediately after parturition on account of stress of delivery as well as stress of higher level of milk production. The situation is aggravated by loss of appetite on part of animal. There is always a possibility of sub clinical ketosis adding to the problem, the animal is in a negative energy balance. Enrichment of energy in the diet at this time will take complete care of the situation.
As long as animal is loosing weight the chances of it coming in the heat as well as conceiving are quite less. By feeding Bergafat we increase the energy density of the feed and bring the animal in to Positive Energy Balance at the earliest and thus set up animal breeding cycle on course. The animal will show heat symptoms at early stage and conceive better. The conventional as well as compounded ration contain oil cakes, Dal chuni giving excessive protein in the diet without balancing for the energy required. This leads to acidosis in rumen and poor digestibility of fodder also.
The oil cakes used although contain energy its digestibility being poor [less than 40 %] not much energy is available to the animal. Further oil coming from oil cakes or sometime oil fed additionally are likely to coat the inner surface of rumen and thus hinder its function in digestion of carbohydrates.
Bergafat a by pass fat source of energy is the only solution for the above dilema.


1] At present edible oil sources are used which are utilized only up to 40 to 45 % of their addition, where as Bergafat being by pass is 100 % digested. Further conventional oil sources interfere with the normal rumen function thus reducing digestibility of other feed materials too.

2] One liter of milk produced extra at the early stage of lactation works out to over 200 to 250 liters of additional milk in that lactation.

3] Increase of 0.3 to 0.4 fat in the milk per day will add to nearly 50 Kgs of butter fat in the lactation.

4] Reducing one breeding cycle length [21days] is a saving of over Rs. 750 per animal.

5] Bergafat also reduces the number of services / A. I. Per conception. This again leads to reduced intercalving period vis a vis non productive period.

6] Sub clinical KETOSIS causes loss in milk production which can not be measured.