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Flat Disc Blades (Plain)

Disc blades are used to displace, unearth and invert soil. The movement of disc blades through the soil increases the penetration of water, aeration and enhances the activity of fertility within the soil. The discs on the front of aplough move materials towards the periphery of the disc while the rear discs move soil towards the centre of the disc.

Genex disc blades are carefully heat treated for the optimum set of mechanical properties to be ingrained to engage with the rocks, boulders and other obstructions during the working life of the blades in the field. The discs have a delicate balance of hardness and flexibility which is vital. Hardness ensures it breaks through the stones and other foreign blocks and flexibility ensures that the disc can take enough load and re-gain its original shape after a harder object comes through.

Flat Disc Blades Specification

Flat Disc Blades
356 to 559
4 to 6
As per client requirement
Flat Disc Blades
610 to 660
5 to 7
As per client requirement