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Diarrhoea form a major threat in the first weeks of life of a calf. It is the leading cause of calf dehydration and reduced growth. Sufficient uptake of colostrum is essential.Housing, hygiene and other management factors such as the preparation of the milk replacer, the serving temperature of the milk and the placing of the teat bucket are also important.

Farm-O-San Rediar is a dietetic feed for calvesm developed to stabilize the water and electrolyte balance in case of diarrhoea. Farm-O-San Rediar Formd a gel in the intestine of the calf and contains a probiotic that supports the bacterial balance in the intestines

General information
Type of product
Dietetic complementary feed for calves
Box containing 10 sachets of 100 g each or buckets containing 3,5 kg.
Shelf life
12 months
Storage conditions
Store in a cool, dark and dry place in sealed packaging

Administration and directions for use

Read the instructions on the product label for directions on product usage. Use Farm-O-San Rediar in case of diarrhoea in calves up to 6 months. One measu- ring cup is 100 g. At the first signs of diarrhoea, feed milk (replacer) with 25 g of Farm-O-San Rediar added per litre.

Administer this for a maximum of 3 days. In case of more severe problems, prepare a Farm-O-San Rediar solution by mixing 50 g of powder per litre of water (40 ̊C). Withdraw the milk (replacer) and feed 2-3 litres Rediar solution, 2 to 3 times per day for a period of up to of 2 days. After that, slowly re-introduce milk feeding by adding 25 g of Farm-O-San Rediar per litre of milk.

Per kg of product
Sodium chloride
Sodium bicarbonate
Potassium phosphate:
Vitamin A
250 000 IU
Vitamin D3
2 375 IU
Vitamin E
1 625 IU
138 mg
165 mg
9 mg
Enterococcus faecium
6,3 x 109 CFU

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